Harry Grewal, your UCP candidate for Edmonton-Manning

Arriving in Alberta as a young immigrant, I wanted to ensure that I did everything I could to give back to the community as both a police officer and community volunteer. And because of my contributions, I was named the Kiwanis “Top Cop” of 2013 to recognize my community service.

I have always believed that volunteerism is an important part of citizenship and keeping our communities strong. I had an over 10-year involvement writing news articles in a community newspaper and was a regular participant on a monthly news program.

My most significant involvement, however, is through sports. I have always seen sports as a facilitator for community engagement and a way to bring communities together. For almost 20 years, I dedicated my time to the Edmonton District Soccer Association as a Board member, on the Executive, and then as President.  

I look forward to working with Jason Kenney and the UCP team to restore the Alberta Advantage so the next generation of Albertans can see hope and opportunity in Alberta’s future.